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Peargo simplifies project communications for your entire team.
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Say goodbye to your old status documents

Remember the last time you updated and sent your status?

Difficult to Digest

Spreadsheets don't present the project status in a simple way for stakeholders who aren’t in the day to day

Tedious to Update and Search

Presentations are pain to update and format, along with being a poor place to store and document key details

Unclear Collaboration

Documents don’t provide clear ways to comment on items, when they are used they get lost or untracked

Peargo was built for high-performing teams and agencies

Standardized and Scalable

Purpose built modules to keep the tool simple and consistent so everyone can understand the status, no onboarding necessary

Highly Organized

A single page with past updates, archived items and search to store and find documentation quickly

Focused and Collaborative

Comments and mentions built in to facilitate collaboration that doesn’t get lost in email or a document

Meaningful updates, clearly communicated

Modules with the information your team and stakeholders care about

Project Health

Provide a rating for your progress against project timeline, budget and scope

Project health modules with overall, timeline, budget, and scope options.


Show how you are tracking toward key dates within your project

Milestones module


Let stakeholders know what you have completed and what’s coming next

Activities module

Issues, Risk, Decisions & Actions

Document details of the project to align your team and stakeholders

Issues, Risk, Decisions, and Actions module.

Everything you need for effective communication

Configure for your project

Enable the modules that will help you communicate the information that matters

Settings to configure the status page
An opened item with details and comments

Solve issues in real-time

Collaborate on challenges as they arise to keep the project moving

Control what is shared

Maintain a single source of truth while keeping any internal information hidden from external view

A module showing locked items for internal viewing only
A drop down showing previous updates

Easily access past versions

Find past approvals, decisions, issues, and updates made over the course of a project

Send in one click

Select who should receive the update and we’ll handle the rest by automatically formatting the update for email

An email showing the update in an inbox

Ready to send a better status update?

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