As gentleman that set the bar high in terms of style amongst our group of friends, we aimed to seek a new way to express our fashion sense while keeping it classy. We quickly realized that the types of socks we wore every single day had not changed since the days we saw our grandparents go to work.

The options for men were the typical black, blue, and grey plain socks and perhaps an argyle or a basic stripe if one wanted something different. The choices available to us were limited, as finding a quality pair of socks that were unique yet complemented our business attire was next to impossible. We were left with ordering multi-color dotted socks which ended up being tossed in a drawer as not only were they cheaply constructed, we had no idea how to pair them with our suits.

All this frustration led us to create our own line that designs and manufactures unique luxurious socks that are perfectly paired with a tie. Reception has been excellent as customers are fascinated with the innovative product pairing and ease with which they can incorporate a fashionable touch into their daily wardrobe. Our quality products alongside our superior customer service with free shipping to North America and lenient return policy has left customers returning back for more.